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Welcome To Bed Bug Magic
The Exterminators-Choice

Keep bed bugs away with our Bed Bug Spray

Welcome To Bed Bug Magic
The Exterminators-Choice

Welcome to Bed Bug Magic Spray - the clean, green, solution to eliminate bed bugs and other pests! Our all-natural, non-toxic, and powerful formula kills bed bugs quickly without putting anyone at risk. It's the exterminator's choice for a reason.

Our proprietary formula instantly kills bed bugs, lice, dust mites, scabies, roaches, and more, with residual protection for up to 20 days. It eradicates eggs and larvae, ensuring a complete solution to your pest problems. It's perfect for treating apartments, homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, nursing homes, moving companies or any location in need of highly effective, safe, and green pesticide alternative.

Bed Bug Magic is odorless, non-staining, and safe for humans, pets, and plants. No more noxious pesticide fumes! We use only GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients, 100% EPA exempt under FIFRA 25b – biodegradable and non-toxic!

We’re committed to protecting the environment, manufacturing all of our products in the USA with the highest possible recycled content packaging.

‌Go green and join the growing number of businesses and consumers who have made the switch to a safe, effective, and natural pest control solution. Order now to experience the Bed Bug Magic for yourself!

Green Is Good 24/7™
"Keep the Environment Safe...Discover the Power of Enzymes"

Your Safety
is Our First

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All Bed Bug Magic products are fully biodegradable to be safe for our shared environments large and small, indoor and outdoor.

SPECIAL PRICING: Pallets, Skids, Totes, 55 Gallon Drums and Private Labeling Contact Fred Feldman at (914)924-8853 or email


*Purdue University
  Research Study

Bed Bug Magic
Kills Bed Bugs in
4 Seconds*

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John R San Francisco

“My company manages hundreds of apartments in the San Francisco bay area and, as you might imagine, we get many calls about bugs, especially bed bugs. We started looking for a product that our maintenance people could use so we could respond more quickly and effectively to our residents. We found Bed bug Magic and gave it a try. Our tests were so successful using the product and the Green Blaster Hazer we’ve rolled it out to all of our buildings. We’re saving time and money bet even more importantly our residents are happy to have their apartments treated more quickly, safely and with no chemical smell. Thanks for a great product.”

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Herman J., Brooklyn, NY

Working in Brooklyn NY we get lots of customers with bed bug problems from infestation to simply annoying. Bed Bug Magic is our go to solution for all of these. It’s powerful enough for an infestation and safe enough for occasional use. Whether you have an epidemic in the making or just saw one after your last vacation, Bed Bug Magic is the only product you need.

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Kevin S. Buffalo, NY

As a commercial exterminator, our clients range from apartments, homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools and nursing homes – that means we need an effective, safe pesticide. Bed Bug Magic helps us deliver the solutions that work for our customers from commercial to residential. And, it helps keep our employees safer as well.

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Joanne G. Chicago, IL

We were skeptical at first but decided to give Bed Bug Magic a try after hearing about it from one of our hotel customers who was looking for safer routine insect treatments. I am so glad we made the choice to go green with Bed Bug Magic because it works. Our employees like the safety and eco features, our customers love the effectiveness and the bugs, well let’s just say they aren’t around to express an opinion, and that’s the way we like it.

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